An online course for learning to paint realism in oil with free videos by Mark Carder, an artists' discussion forum, and more.

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Latest News & Videos

Oil Painting Q&A — Episode 18: Tour of My Painting Studio & more
video on how to take care of oil paintbrushes
Oil Painting Q&A — Episode 17: Dark Studios, Using Projectors & more
New Painting Demo: Maintaining the Abstraction
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The Full Course

Step 1 Setting Up Your Studio
Step 2 Choosing Your Subject
Step 3 Preparing Your Canvas
Step 4 Beginning to Pencil
Step 5 Finishing Your Drawing
Step 6 Beginning to Mix Colors
Step 7 Finishing Your Color Groups
Step 8 Painting Your First Object
Step 9 Finishing Your Painting
Step 10 Going Forward

Q&A Show Episodes

Tour of My Painting Studio & more
Dark Studios, Projectors & more
The Myth of Natural Talent & more
Rules of Composition & more
Drawing Key Points & more
The Secret to Drawing Well & more
New Proportional Divider & more
Value Misconceptions & more
New Color Checker & more
Alla Prima Brushwork Demo & more
The Artist's Curse & more
Painting Ugly & more
The Zorn Limited Palette & more
Upcoming Video News & more
Making a Living as an Artist & more
4 Qualities of Good Realism & more
Painting Details and Values & more
Introducing Oil Painting Q&As

Downloadable Videos

How to Paint Realism $100
Painting Landscapes $100
Painting Portraits $100

All My Free Videos

Oil Painting Q&A Show 18 episodes
maintaining abstraction demo 43 minutes
poodle portrait demo 13 minutes
setting up a still life 17 minutes
proportional divider basics 6 minutes
making a proportional divider 10 minutes
how to draw in proportion 21 minutes
color checker basics 6 minutes
making a color checker 15 minutes
how to mix colors 32 minutes
choosing color groups 8 minutes
Geneva oil paint 5 minutes
benefits of limited palettes 22 minutes
how I organize my palette 3 minutes
taking care of paintbrushes11 minutes
how to paint in oil 97 minutes
understanding shadow colors 3 minutes
protecting shadow colors 3 minutes
why I paint with dirty brushes 1 minute
oiling out your painting 15 minutes
gloss varnish vs matte varnish 2 minutes
varnishing a painting 4 minutes
setting up an artists' studio 5 minutes
making an artists' easel 21 minutes
thinning oil paint with medium 9 minutes
making a shadow box 19 minutes
making a photograph holder 8 minutes
sizing prints to paint from 15 minutes
stretching a canvas 12 minutes
staining a canvas 7 minutes
making glass palettes 8 minutes
making a palette table 16 minutes
lessons from a workshop 15 minutes
a little bit about myself 8 minutes
scenes & paintings from a class 2 minutes