Private Painting Lessons

taught exclusively by Mark Carder in Austin, Texas

When packing clothes for your trip, keep in mind that while painting in the studio, both tops and bottoms should be a very dark color to eliminate any glare on your painting from lighter-colored clothes. If you have light-colored hair, we have black brimmed hats you can use, or you can bring a dark hat or something else to cover your hair with. The studio is kept fairly cool, so consider bringing an extra thick shirt or sweater as well (also dark).

Here is an interactive map showing places to stay within a 15-minute walk of my studio:

You may be able to get cheaper rates by using a service like or calling hotels and asking about discounts or specials. Also please note that I can’t vouch for the quality of any of these places, so you should look up reviews before booking anything.

Of course there are many hotels in Austin that are a little further away from the studio, and the studio is easily accessible by public transit from many locations due to its central location. Click here to check public transit routes and schedules from anywhere you’re thinking about staying. If you have questions about the bus system in Austin, you can email

If you plan to rent a car, please bear in mind that you will usually have to pay to park downtown near my studio. You can get an idea of parking locations and rates in the area at They also have an iPhone and Android app you can use during your stay.

If you’re interested in alternative accommodation (which might be cheaper or more convenient), you can search for my studio address — 815 Brazos Street, Austin, TX — at and filter the results by price, location, and amenities.

— Mark