Private Painting Lessons

taught exclusively by Mark Carder in Austin, Texas

Learn to paint beautifully, whether you’re an experienced artist or someone who has never picked up a brush before.

Still-Life Course

Portrait Course

Sargent Course

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In these 6-day private courses, the lessons will be tailored to suit your personal skill level and will address any specific needs you have. You will be the only student in my studio for the duration of the course. You do not need to bring anything with you except the desire to learn — you will be provided with all the supplies you need. The cost for the 6 day private workshop is $3,500.

Can I really teach you to paint high realism?

I could show you a collection of my students' work, but I could be cherry picking the best paintings and not showing you the failures. So I would suggest you watch this video, linked below, from when I used to teach group classes (which I no longer offer). There were nine students in this class. At the end of the video I show all nine finished paintings from the class. Three of the students in the video had never painted before. This is the only class I have ever filmed like this:

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I also teach online, for information about my Zoom classes click here: